Monday, March 10, 2008

Week 6 - coming down the stretch!

As I worked on the week 6 activities, I was struck with how the librarian of my childhood has really had to change and adapt to be today's librarian (although I doubt any of them are still working).....This tagging really went over my head Technorati....well I didn't do well with that either. But when I read the Library 2.0 and its stories about how the power for research is now in the hands of individuals, not the librarians, I was really struck with the changes that I have seen in my career. No longer do we have to search through pages and pages of print material - info is at your fingertips and you can tag and sort it at you leisure. And today's librarians have to be teachers - how to access all of this. No longer are you searching card catalogues hoping to find that "golden article" that told you what you wanted to know. And I wondered....have educators dedicated themselves to the same principles or are we clinging to teaching the same way we did 10 or 2o years ago?

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