Monday, April 7, 2008


Thinking back, I have to honestly ask myself what did I expect from doing this. I did not feel at all like I knew enough about Web2.0 to even carry on an intelligent conversation. So to be able to identify some of the "things" that are out there was a good beginning. I thoroughly enjoyed some of the playing (avatars and rss feeds) others I found to be a struggle to get through (the sandbox). I learned that the Zoho writer could be helpful to me in my current position...I also think that with a little more refining I will do better with RSS feeds. The thought that kept coming to my mind over and over through this excercise was how much information is readily available. I could spend hours researching and following up on ideas.

My thanks go to the Eastern Shore Library system for allowing us to join in. Also to our tech person at SCPS who challenged us to do what we expect from students daily - LEARN!

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